LG HG2 18650 18650 3000mah electronic cigarette Rechargeable battery power high discharge

LG HG2 18650 18650 3000mah electronic cigarette Rechargeable battery power high discharge

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LG HG2 18650 18650 3000mah electronic cigarette Rechargeable battery power high discharge,30A large current.

Replacement Battery:No
Nominal Capacity:2601-2999mAh
Battery Number:1-10
Model Number:18650 3000mAh HG2
Set Type:Batteries Only

Product Name: LG DBHG2 18650 power lithium batteries

1, Model: LG 18650 HG2 power lithium batteries

2, The standard capacity: 3000mah

3 And lowest capacity: 2900mah

4, Rated voltage: 3.6V

5,Charging voltage: 4.2v

6, Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V

7, Maximum charging voltage: 4.25V

8, Sustainable maximum charging current: 4A

9, Sustainable and by charging current: 10A

10, The maximum discharge current sustainable: 25A

11, Weight: 46g

12, Allow ambient temperature: charging: 0~45, discharge: - 20~60

13, Cell surface temperature limits: charging: 60, discharge: 80

14, Size: 18.2 mm (D)x 65.0 mm (H).

  1. Special remind: charge first, then use the new battery, lithium battery don't overcharge and over discharge, batteries and then stop charging, the battery is insufficient, please recharge immediately, otherwise the lithium battery is easy to damage and even lead to scrap. (don't higher than 4.25 V voltage, discharge voltage had better not less than 2.75 V)
  2. Lithium batteries have limited use, generally about 800 times. Every call waiting is equivalent to a single battery charge, each charge, it will shorten the life of a.
  3. LG rechargeable lithium ion batteries advantages: high energy density, small size high voltage (3.7 V), provide stable discharge voltage consistency is good, life is long, long time discharge, no memory effect High temperature resistant performance is good, can amount to about 50 ° C temperature safety performance is high, no explosion, not burning non-toxic, non-polluting (environmental protection)
  4. 18650 lithium ion batteries are widely used in:
  5. Communication devices: PHS telephone, radio, etc
  6. Information equipment: notebook computer, PDA, portable printer fax machine, etc
  7. Audio equipment: digital cameras, camera, portable VCD, DVD, flashlight, etc
  8. Electric tools: electric tools, electric planer, LED light flashlight, etc.
  9. I shop also can be customized various belt protection circuit of 18650 lithium-ion battery pack according to customer requirement.
  10. Protect circuit has the following two points:
  11. 1, to prevent the battery cannot charge caused by the battery discharge (damage).
  12. 2, prevent the battery caused by the charger voltage high combustion (explosion), and other security issues. Allows you to use more secure.


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