Electric Spray Gun

Electric Spray Gun

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MESG400M 220V 400W Electric Spray Gun HVLP Paint Sprayer For Painting with Adjustable Flow Control and 3m Cable.
  • MESG400M 220V 400W Electric Spray Gun HVLP Paint Sprayer with Adjustable Flow Control

    Technical specifications:

    • Rated voltage:220~240V
    • Rated power:400W
    • Max. flow: 500ml/min
    • Spraying pressure: 0.1~0.2Bar
    • Maximum viscosity of the paint used: 50DIN-s
    • Size of the nozzle: 2.5mm
    • Container capacity: 800ml
    • Cable length:3.0m
    • Net weight:1.15kg

    Package contains:

    • 400w spary gun x 1pc
    • Viscosity cup x 1pc
    • Cleaning Needle x 1pc
    • Paint strainer x 5pcs
    • User manual x 1pc
    • Nitrile disposable gloves x 1pair
    • ​Anti Pollution Mask x 1pc

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    Step 7:Clean-Up.

    After you are done painting, it is very IMPORTANT to clean up the spray container and tube.

    • Pour the material out of your cup.
    • Use a solvent soaked rag to clean the residue in the cup.
    • Remove the filter at the base of the feeding tube.
    • Add water or solvent to the cup to about halfway.
    • Spray and repeat  until the solution runs clean.

    spray gun color versionQuick operation guide:

    Step 1:Mask all the areas and objects that are not to be spray painted, or remove them from the work area.

    Step 2:Measure the viscosity of the paint.

    • To determine this first thoroughly stir the paint. Fill the viscosity cup with the paint and time how long it takes the paint to run out of the viscosity cup.
    • This will give a D.I.N. The maximum viscosity for this product is max 50 seconds ( for 2.5mm nozzle).
    • Below please find the Recommended viscosity D.I.N 

    Painting  material

    If need to be thinned


    Solvent-based paints



    Water-Based Paints









    viscosity of the paint


    Step 3:Thin the paint.

    • To obtain the correct viscosity of your paint,
      you need to thin your paint with the correct solvent,
      depending if the paint is water or solvent based.
    • Mix the paint and the solvent according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • You can make use of a clean bucket and mixing stick for this task.



    Step 4:Fill the container.

    • Strain the paint through a fine Filter funnel to remove any particles
      which could block the spray gun.

    Fill the container


    Step 5:Adjust the spray pattern and flow.

    spray gun-MESG400M-2spray gun-MESG400M-3


    Step 6:Plug in the sprayer and paint.

    • Hold the Spray Gun about 250mm to 300mm from the surface.
    • Keep the spray gun move smoothly, DO NOT spray on one point for long time.
    • If need a thick painting on the surface, please spray 2~3 times with a thinner painting after the thinner layer complete dry each time.
      DO NOT try to spray thick painting on the surface by one time, which can cause the painting sagging.
    • Cross pattern is recommended. Start with horizontal passes and finish with light vertical passes

    Plug in the sprayer and paint

    spray gun-MESG400M-7spray gun-MESG400M-8Do you need a smaller nozzle?please find the 1.8mm nozzle as below:CLICK TO BUY

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