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Does anyone have any info or seen any of the 3 ladies from the site below. I will be in town next week and was thinking about checking it out. There is a reason that they are cheap!

Check out some of the thre below. I believe they were on CL. I charmed the beauty blonde spinner and I could not get hold of her. Now I know she is visiting big Berry. It sucks the girl liked me. I know Dieon works out of the Executive. That probably doesn't mean much for an out-of-towner, but let's just say it's one pretty rough complex.

I went to set up an appt with her but when I found out where it was, I said thanks for your time but no thanks. Jade I'm not sure about.

Local Sluts near Florida

IIRC the 3rd also works out of the Executive. I tried to set an appointment with her 3 times. Must be a scam of one sort or another. Has anyone seen Haley? Is she for real or another fake upseller?

I know deion from back in the day when she used to work OBT when she had red hair. She used to Primo but no telling what she's doing now. I've tried to set up an appointment with Jade a couple of times and she is very unreliable.


She will say to call back in 30 minutes and then never pick up the phone the rest of the day. I've heard from other mongers that she is that way with them as well.

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I've also heard that she is very "rough around the edges" and very hyper. She keeps you on edge. I've wanted to try, but just not very excited about her.

Local Sluts near Florida

Any one hear anything recent or positive about her, I might change my mind. Thanks for the infor guys. I think I will leave then alone. No need for me worrying about how I will escape if something goes down.

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Especially with my pants down around the ankles. These girls do not realize they are offering services.

34741 34743 34744 34746 34745

That is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again. They learn bad things from each other. They think it's smart and brag about it! If the girl starts reasonably then I take the offer.

I prefer to tip, frequent and tell my fellows about working girls. We will both be happy.

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It even feels better when you tip than being forced to pay an outrageous. Of course I opted for the hotter session and off came the shorts. Turns out though that there was no fs available. She first tried to pretend. Have you ever had a provider hold onto it and try to make you think it was inserted properly? Does this ever work with anybody else?

Anyway, I pulled back and grabbed ahold and tried to direct it to it's proper place.

And then was told that wasn't happening. Then I laid down and had to try to perform with basically an HJ trough a condom. Do not waste your time. There are many other nicer not just a sweet veneer providers out there.

Florida Sluts

Has anyone seeing Dynasty? Check her pictures they are datesis this weird or what? CoolMaybe the date was off on the camera? I arranged a meeting with Maxine this morning. She has been incuding a picture of her titties lately in her posts. She's a little cutie. She took her top off, so I thought I was headed down the right direction. She started a very short and mechanical massage and on the flip she asked if I wanted to add. You gotta be kidding!! Shame on me for not making the details clear before I headed over.

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At that point I had to say WTF and go for it. Cute, but I was disappointed because you can tell she just needs the money and doesn't really enjoy the "job. Perhaps she loosens up the second visit? She's very clean and safe. She works in the Lee Rd. Hi guys, has anyone seen this woman?

I've been curious for some time, but get the feeling I should ask first. She was the real deal 6 months ago. Not GFE, otherwise good time. Showed up at my hotel on time, no upsell and stayed the full hour. I think I saw another post also giving her the thumbs up. I travel to Orlando quite a bit and have had the pleasure of seeing Angel twice. First saw her back in November and had a great time with her. Met her out on OBT and had to get a shot at that nice azz of hers - wow what an azz.

Great cbj skills and knows how to work you doggie style. Called her up last week when I was in town and met her and her new friend Candy. I was expecting Brittany but she showed up Craigslist Kissimmee sex w4m Candy. But as I thought about it, damn how nice it would be to bang these to big booties. Let them in and on with the fun. They do get into each other and allowed me a lot of play. But still not girlfriend - DATY or kissing. Everything else is on the menu. Still had a nice time hitting both in multiple positions and finally humping Angel to a frenzy.

But it did not stop there. The next night Wednesday niteI was still horny and could not make a score on the trail. I saw Angel and her friends out on the trail but by the time I circled they all were gone. So I called Angel up and asked her to hook me up with Brittany. She showed up to me room about an hour later and fellows she was hotttt. She is new to the area from Memphis and wow what a little hottie with the body. Showed up in the sw attire which was really exciting.

Local Sluts near Florida

We got comfortable and had nice time. Nice caramel cutie with nice little grippable booty. Missionary and doggy were awsome. And she likes it deep. And I plan to give her another call on my next trip out. Overall: I would see Angel and Brittany again. ZIP: 34741 34743 34744 34746 34745

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