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Thread starter for Craigslist reviews, by request, to match up with some of the other board areas. She's had several up over the past week or so. I haven't seen her recently, but my past experiences with her have all been pleasant.

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Her donations seem to have come down as well. Any reports on Nancy or Misty? They have been posting recently on CL. Look great but I don't know them. Thanks, Avtok. Great pic.

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No reviews as far as I can tell. I am kind of feeling like CL is just not worth it.


While the photo is cute, I am not spending any money on what seems like an absolute waste of time and money. I'd really appreciate any tips or le on worthy folks on CL. Photos for Sienna look good, but reviews here and there put up red flags. Be safe, everyone. Unfortunately there are a of these scams that appear from time to time. She is good, nice place to meet but she is expensive, but i think worth the time and effort.

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There have been others that I want to try but don't have the resources currently unfortunately. I scheduled an appointment with Jenny from CL yesterday. The photo did not match. When I asked what gives, I was told that it was Destiny-- she was holding Jenny's phone while she saw someone else.

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Anyhow, CL seems a bit too unreliable. Too easy for someone to claim a false identity or multiple identities. Actually Destiny looks pretty hot too. Did you keep the appointment. If so, how'd it go? I had an instance in the past I think the review is even still on here from years back with Destiny where she stood me up.

But other than that I've seen mixed but mostly good reviews of her.

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Yes, I kept the appointment. I was curious. It was uninspired. Felt rushed, and it was difficult for me to get into it. She was a pro. Perhaps under other circumstances, where you are not wondering "What have I gotten into? Body was OK. She was clean. She was a bit worried about someone in a car outside. She had a female friend leaving the room before I got there. My guard was up. No fun to be had that way. Has anyone tried this on service off of CL? Thanks for any info you may have on this. I need help gentlemen.

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I am thinking of maybe trying one of the services we have out of CL. But I saw some bad reviews written up there about this people. Any luck about this Escort Service? And which one is better and safer, Outcall or Incall? I would stay away from Executive or Exclusive secrets. I had one encounter with them and it was not good. They will tell you one thing and then the person that shows up is not as described. Will take your cash and try to be out in less than 20 minutes and tell you itis up to an hour not an hour. Thanks Badman for the report! Will save my money for better things! Well there you go fellas, it seems like it is not a good idea trying this so so company.

Well said Mr. Badman, thanks a ton!

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Any other feedback about this matter from our respected seniors out there? And are there any recommendations of who is the best one to call?

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Had a damm good time today with Carmen on south bend craigslist. She is very pleasant with a great attitude and gave me a no rush session which I fully enjoyed and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her and definitely will be back. If you fellas are looking for some one to call who you don't have to worry bout getting ripped off and will give you a damm good session then I highly suggest you try out Carmen on SB craigslist.

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Appearences with Executive or Exclusive secrets are good, decent even. After showing up, I realized I had a first place seat for the old switch-er-roo. Not too sure I'll try at process again. Any others that are more inclined to interact? Had a session with the Massage Milf on Saturday and she was great. Definitely will see her again. Has anyone seen tori from CL? Her backside looks great. If not I will toftt. I haven't seen any reviews of her yet either.

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I must admit, I'm suspicious of it for a couple reasons. One is that the pic looks hot enough to be too good to be true. The other is that a couple weeks ago there were tons of negative reviews posted here and on CL of Exclusive Secrets. So much that they disappeared. I doubt that the people behind ES just closed up shop. More likely they just changed their phoneand the pic on their. And right when they disappeared, these Tori started showing up. I doubt it. But there's only one way to find out. And even if my hunch is right, the good news is that if you TOFTT we can reveal their scam and hopefully provide some real disincentive for the girls to use fake pics.

Now that I've visited Sasha, I'm surprised that I haven't seen more reviews of her.

But it doesn't matter, because she's every bit as gorgeous as the pics with a very pretty face and a great body. The menu was as good as one would hope, and the prices were par for the area. She's definitely worth it. Looks - 9 Service - 8 Her is ZIP: 46601 46635 46628 46616 46614 46615 46613 46619 46617 46624 46626 46634 46660 46680 46699

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