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But while the panel offered some acceptably embarrassing quotes, not to mention a semi-famous "pick-up artist" who goes by Jugglerthe real lessons appear to be going on in nearby hotels. Inspired by Slate's Dave Weigel 's discovery of some CPACer seeking "casual encounters" on Craigslist, we found 10 listings for dudes seeking dudes mentioning CPAC, and we thought we'd compare their approaches to the expert's advice.

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Personals near Iowa

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We searched for CPAC women in "missed connections" and other personals and found none, unfortunately. However, Talking Points Memo reporter Benjy Sarlin tweeted that Juggler "says it's basically the same tricks for dating gay conservatives. CPAC Tip: "When talking to the cute girl in a group don't just talk to the girl, bring other people in.

Personals near Iowa

Craigslist says: Correct! Otherwise stuck in the 'friend zone.

Personals near Iowa

Craigslist says: Incorrect. Craigslist says: It depends.

Iowa Sluts

Friends and network connections are great," says a poster under the heading " CPAC - m4m - The hot girls are 'inundated' with messages. Craigslist says: Close!

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Example: "Very non conspicious as I will have a sport coat and tie on. What if I wanted to branch out? Craigslist says: No. Keyboard image by PinkBlue via Shutterstock.


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