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Summer Sweetie. ed Apr 12, Messages 22, Reactions31, 4, Alleybux 1, According to Pasco County deputies, the victim was responding to a Craiglist ad to have sex with a woman.

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When he went to the woman's home to meet up with her on Monday night, she led him into the bedroom. Deputies say that while in the bedroom, the victim removed all of his clothes and the female removed her shirt and bra. That's when deputies say the woman's boyfriend, Robert Roser, 39, entered the bedroom, flashed what appeared to be a badge and stated this was a police sting.

Deputies say that Roser asked the victim if he had anything in his pockets. The victim removed his cell phone and keys.

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Roser told the victim he was giving him a warning and told him to leave. He escorted the victim to his car and waited until he drove away.

Local Sluts near Maryland

Roser was located and arrested on a strong-arm robbery charge. Florida man responding to Craigslist sex ad robbed by woman's boyfriend. ed Jun 4, Messages 35, Reactions7, 2, Alleybux 12,, I do not feel sorry for people desperate enough to meet strangers for sex like this. Nasty, nasty, nasty. ed May 29, Messages 9, Reactions 28, Alleybux 92, The victim is a dummy. ed Feb 26, Messages 22, Reactions 58, Alleybux 48, People just need to learn to play with themselves.

Maryland Sluts

I'm sorry. Green Forest. ed May 3, Messages 11, Reactions 38, 75 Alleybux 17, That is a hard 39 even for white people.

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ed Dec 16, Messages 21, Reactions5, 4, Alleybux 6, ed Nov 15, Messages 10, Reactions2, Alleybux Was he going to take his dirty dick back home to his wife if he hadn't been robbed? No one curr. ed Jun 14, Messages 9, Reactions 61, 1, Alleybux 1,, Fake Francie. ed Jul 23, Messages 13, Reactions 86, 2, AlleybuxAt least he lived. Too cheap, too horny. ed Jan 4, Messages 9, Reactions 71, 2, 3, AlleybuxThere is no victim in this article. ed Jul 9, Messages 46, Reactions7, 2, Alleybux 1, He's 39 but looks 53, how sway?? All parties in the case are dumb AF.

ed Aug 18, Messages 13, Reactions 92, 1, 1, Alleybux 14, That man was fixing for dissapointment or death OR organ harvesting. Jake Steed. ed Jan 21, Messages 7, Reactions 25, 3, 10, Alleybux 29, Covfefe said:. Click to expand ed Dec 2, Messages 18, Reactions4, 2, Alleybux 93, Guys are so stupid when it comes to sex. ed Aug 15, Messages Reactions 5, 61 7 AlleybuxDamn, ain't he watched SVU before???

ed Craigslist Maryland sex dolls 7, Messages 37, ReactionsAlleybuxEh, he was behaving recklessly, but he didn't deserve to be robbed. Did the woman and her bf think they'd actually get away with this? They let the victim into their home so he had her address.

Local Sluts near Maryland

Sara Bartman. ed Feb 24, Messages 6, Reactions 65, 2, 1, Alleybux 78, Damn the price of puss has plunged. Wizkid Ayo. ed Sep 9, Messages 10, Reactions 31, AlleybuxJoanClayton said:. ed Jan 30, Messages 15, Reactions4, 1, AlleybuxWhen thatdollar sex doll comes in handy like:.

ed Nov 23, Messages 8, Reactions5, 3, Alleybuxed Dec 12, Messages 2, Reactions 16, Alleybux 37, To old perverted men:. Peezus said:. Bruuuuh, trigger warning for that pic! Thanks for tonight's nightmares. ed Mar 22, Messages 3, Reactions 9, Alleybuxed Jan 12, Messages 2, Reactions 12, 44 Alleybux 19, Ole dude should have just taken his chances on tinder.

Who still trolls Craigslist for sex knowing it's filled with police stings, crazy pimps and hoes, and diseases galore? ed Jan 2, Messages 10, Reactions 44, Alleybux 58, Gil Grissom. ed Sep 7, Messages 13, Reactions 78, Alleybux 31, Stupidity at its finest.

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Jake Steed said:. Believe it or not prostitution serves its purpose and should've been legalized a long time ago. I wasn't talking about prostitution. I said, "I do not feel sorry for people desperate enough to meet strangers for sex like this ".

Kysymys 2/3:

I was talking about the way in which people go about trying to find sex. It's nasty AND stupid. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre.


Detroit police: 2 arrested in connection with sexual assault of woman responding to craigslist ad. MoonPie May 3, 9 Replies Views. May 5, EvolvingWoman.


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