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Have you come across a Craigslist rental scam lately? Here are my tips to avoid Craigslist scams and real estate scams so that you can stay safe.

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Over the past few weeks, we have been searching for the perfect rental home for us to move into, but sadly we have come across many Craigslist rental scams. We found many great homes, and actually ed a lease the other day on one more information on that to come soon.

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Even though we found a rental homewe came across many Craigslist scams and Craigslist rental scams firsthand. I only received around 10 s back from potential landlords and three of those I knew were definitely scammers. There might have been others as well. Due to this, I knew I had to create a post on the topic of rental scams. You can find rental scams everywhere Craigslist, Zillow, and moreand many people are duped every single day out of hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars.

If you are looking for a rental, your credit score can be extremely important. You can check your credit score with Credit Sesame for free here. There are cases where the person might not actually be a scammer, but you should be on high alert if you decide to continue through with a potential rental that you are unsure about.

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But, you need to be careful. One of the many Craigslist rental scams I have been hearing about a lot lately is when a scammer seems legitimate and even shows you around the rental.

Second Indicator of a Craigslist Scam:

Sometimes scammers will break into a back window or even steal the key from the actual landlord so they can show the rental to unsuspecting potential tenants. This can be a huge disaster, as many people will believe the scammer since they are pretending to be the landlord.


Another Craigslist scam I have heard about that is related to this is when a renter moves into a home, pays the deposit, rent, etc. The owner might have been on a long vacation or they might have just let the home sit vacant while trying to sell it, and thieves noticed their absence only to take advantage of the situation. This can be bad as you will have to vacate immediately and you will be out of moneysuch as the refundable deposit you may have given to the scammer.

My rental search tip: Always make sure the person renting out the home is the owner or the property manager. There are many fake house on Craigslist. You can usually do a simple search on who owns the property by looking up city records. This is how some rental scammers try to lure you in and an easy way to know how to spot a scammer on Craigslist. They will create a listing, make the rental sound amazing, offer it at a very low price, not require money upfront, and so on.

This is a clue that you might be the victim of a Craigslist scam.

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If the landlord makes it too easy for you to live in their rental, then you need to be very careful. My rental search tip: Always do your research before you give anyone money. You should check other listings in the area to see if the rental is comparable and you should also see if the place is actually for rent. In most cases, it is not. If you are asked to fill out a rental application before you view a home, then you might be in the middle of one of the many Craigslist rental scams.

The scammer is hoping that you will give them personal information, such as your banksocial securityor something else. They will then disappear once they receive all of this information. This is a bad situation because you basically just gave your identity away. Also, if you are asked to give money before you are allowed to view a home, then something is not right.

This is Craigslist Franklin MA sex definitely a scam and you should avoid it. You should never have to pay lo of money in order to just view a home. My rental search tip: You should always do your research, view the home, and more before you give out any extremely personal information.

Occasionally, you may have to give your ID to the landlord, but other than that they should not need anything from you just to show you the rental house or apartment. This person sent me two e-mails so I just copied and pasted both e-mails into one so that you can easily read them both:. One scary Craigslist rental scam I recently heard about is when all of the information in a rental listing is correct. The home is actually for rent, the e-mail and phone are real, and more. However, when you e-mail the landlord you believe you are actually talking to them.

It turns out that you are actually talking to someone who hacked into their e-mail. This can be a scary Craigslist scam as it can be hard to detect. My rental search tip: Even though this Craigslist rental scam seems difficult, it can be easy to overcome. You should contact the landlord via the phone that is listed on the real listing and talk to a real person.

Then, you should verify everything that was discussed in the e-mails. Most of the time, landlords have no idea that their e-mail address was even hacked. There are many different things to be aware of when looking for a rental online. Here are my general tips before falling for Craigslist housing scams or Craigslist apartment scams:. As you can see, there are many ways to learn how to spot a rental scammer on Craigslist.

There are many fake house on Craigslist, so you want to be careful. Yes, Craigslist rentals cans be legitimate. I have personally found Craigslist houses to rent and lived in it through Craigslist. Below, you will see how to tell if a Craigslist rental is legitimate or if it is a fake Craigslist ad, and how to spot red flags.

Yes, Craigslist rentals can be safe. You simply need to follow the tips in this article so that you can stay away from Craigslist rental scams and find legitimate home rentals. Yes, it can be safe to rent a room from Craigslist.

First Indicator of a Craigslist Scam:

Follow the tips here, and make sure you get along with your potential future roommates. You should also report the fraudulent Craigslist ad to Craigslist. Doing this will help to curb Craigslist rental frauds and help anyone who may fall for the Craigslist rental scam. This is a great way to learn how to catch a rental scammer on Craigslist. There are definitely many out there, but do not let them deter you.

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I, personally, have found a home rental on Craigslist and it was a great home. You can find Craigslist apartment rentals, Craigslist house rentals, and more that are legitimate — you just have to be careful. What Craigslist rental scams and Craigslist apartment scams have you seen or heard about? Have you wondered how Craigslist rental scams work? Have you ever been the victim of any type of scam? Michelle is the founder of Making Sense of Centsa blog about personal finance and traveling. She discusses how her business has evolved in her side income series.

Crazy how similar they are this was sent as a reply to property I inquired about on Craigslist …. Thanks for getting back to me regarding my house,It gives me great joy to know that you are interested in my lovely house,I am Rev. Sean Mcclelland, the owner of the house you are making inquiry of. I am very certain that you would love the comfy of the Craigslist Franklin MA sex. The house is available for 3 years for now but you can live there to the period of time you wish and you can also move out as long as you can, you just need to inform me a month before you live so that I can look for another tenant like you do.

I would like you to complete the tenant application form below and please be honest with the details to enable us choose the right tenant. I can be reach here and you can call or text anytime It has a dramatic entry foyer with ceramic floor. Extremely spacious rooms throughout. Nice and light! Very quiet, low traffic area. I believe its absolutely a perfect place for you and your family.

Thanks for your response.


I will look forward to working with you and i hope you become the right tenant for us as we need responsible people to take good care of the house. We also need serious applicants so we can move forward with the rental process. Please feel free to ask any questions you do not understand and I will be looking forward to receive your as soon as possible.

As I am not around to show the inside, you can go check out the house and the neighborhood from the outside and get back to me if you really like it for more information.

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Respond as soon as you can so we can get this process started. These are photos posted on the realtor sites MLS and are marked by the realtor board that belong to. As you can see there is strange phrasing regarding dirt and in other areas of this response. We will be very pleased if we have the opportunity in showing you around my house, The home is currently in move in ready condition.

Pets are allowed and utilities water,sewer, and trash only are also included in the rent.


Pets are also allowed in the home as long as they are home broken and their shots received regularly too. I will be very happy to find the right tenant for my home, a person who does not tolerate anything that has to do with dirt. ZIP: 2038

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