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Aren't you worried about your photo now being on Google if you do that? Better idea is to just enter descriptions of yourself into the search bar and browse through pictures until you see something close enough. Doesn't have to be a doppelganger.

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The last time I put this out here I got a ton of PMs from her alt on here. I'm a little curious if anyone still has her or if she's even still in the game.

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I understand she's off the hinges and I'm alright with that. Cute young thing back in the day Candy has taken it's toll. Declined her services after she sent the third pic for verification. First two were in ad. Between the track marks, zombie face and middle finger, I couldn't do it even though her tits still look nice. Ad now blocked on CL from downriver area.

Said 80 for whatever I want to do except anal. Someone posted on Craigslist that she is passing out something that you don't want. Presuming you're on Facebook. Bonus points if this FB friend lives out of state. Look through that person's list of FB friends.

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Find one who passably resembles you and go into their and save a smiling pic of them. Make sure it's not someone you know, and get more bonus points if that person also is out of state. I've tried the google description thing like you describe and the first pics are all of Paul Giamatti and other schlubby middle-aged actors attending the Oscars and other awards show red carpets.

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I tried that, it didn't work for me. I sent her a text once, she has the worst attitude. Never again.

Use a photo you have of yourself on FB, turn privacy settings to "public", run said search, find good photo, return to FB and reset your privacy settings to whatever it is they were before. Your photo isn't going to show up in the first 10 s of search rankings I can almost guarantee. If it would you're famous enough to pull whatever pussy you want without talking to us in these parts. She looks a little tipsy in that last pic.


I love Flowers. You be as well. She just got a reviews couple weeks ago. Check post on detroit back ad. Search for "Bree" and you'll find her.


More than 1 review and the majority are good. Damn Bri too far for me. I need girls in the john are, hazel park, madison heights area. Maybe she's worth the drive. Some are worth the drive!

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Like UTR's. There out there. I had an extreme sub respond to a CL ad. The ad stated I was looking for a piece of human garbage with absolutely no limits.

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Amber responded. Prolly 24,5'5, and C cup. Has meth teeth but has been clean for almost 3 years.

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Musta been recently pregnant because those titties still milk. Shit sprayed all over. LOL The girl has no limits. Anal, fisting, choking, smacking, hair pulling, skull fucking, bondage, blindfold, biting.

Personals near Michigan, USA

No limits. All that for a buck fifty.

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Pm me her info. Your in box is full. Try me again. I made space in the inbox. Glad to share with seniors that share back. Sounds like she might be right up my alley. Sent you a PM. She sounds like fun. Anyone seen the blonde girl with dd's in Auburn Hills? She looks cute but crazy LOL. Junkie girl was going to see her but husband insisted on staying in hotel bathroom.

Said sorry and left. Ran into the same thing. They both are crazy Used to work out a house in Pontiac.

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Both are below trailer trash. He provided permission to share her. I wonder if this is the same Amber I saw in Garden city. Went in for a massage with happy ending, left with FS. That sounds like right up my alley sent you a PM. Where did you find her I have been looking for a nice sub girl for a long time. I placed an ad on craigslsit. Any chance you couild pass the contact info along? Pm sent. Do you have herI have been looking for a nice sub girl also.

Personals near Michigan, USA

JoeDocks was nice enough tried share her. Despite my experience, i wanted to thank him for sharing. I got together with her.

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I didn't have a good experience and will not repeat. First, the pic non face she sent me is not her. She is heavier and less attractive. Second, she was high when I saw her. Third, her place was a pigsty. Mattress with no sheet, ashes on the bed, crap everywhere.

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Answered her phone twice, and at one point someone knocked on the door. She jumped up to get it. Definitely an unnerving experience. ZIP: 48141

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