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Craigslist Sex. After almost two years of abstinence, I posted a new Craigslist ad this week. The ad was for a new roommate, as my current one is moving.

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But, the experien. A gay man posted an ad on Craigslist asking for somebody to watch him jerk off while he was in town on business, and I answered the ad. Deed by Mary Schafrath. Craigslist is the best. But, also the worst.

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You fall in love with a great chair, go all the way to a stranger's house in. Are you looking for a summer job?

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Are you also a total bro? Well, you can stop your search, because some guy in Tribeca wants. Illustrated by Ly Ngo. Couples meet on the subway more often than you'd think.

Mississippi Sluts

And, why not? New Yorkers of all walks of life use the transit system e. Photo: Via Craigslist.

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We, New Yorkers, simply don't have the time to scroll through the thousands upon thousands of Craigslist entries advertising sl. Photographed by Mark Iantosca. If you've never trolled the Missed Connections section of Craigslist, then you should probabl.

Personals in Mississippi

Illustrated by Zhang Qingyun. We all harbor eccentricities, especially when it comes to how we conduct ourselves in the privacy of our own homes. Some of u.

Personals in Mississippi

Photographed by Andrew Paynter So, you know a few weeks back when we thought this graphic-deed roommate casting was the wackiest S. Ad via: Craigslist. Unpaid internships have been a subject of much contention, exploitation, and lawsuits — especially in the fashion industry.

Personals in Mississippi

Photo: Via Curbed Sure, we all know how much of a struggle apartment hunting in S. Between the larger-than-life open-house lines, rip-your-hair-o. Just when you thought it was safe to sexually harass a woman and get away with it, along came a little thing we like to call the Int. It's well known that you can buy almost anything on Craigslist: drunk clowns, doggy diapers, an autographed copy of Plat.

Sure, no matter the city you live in, being single boasts a handful of annoyances.

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But, there's something about being single in. You know that porcelain clown your aunt Mildred gave you for your 12th birthday? You're probably looking to get that thing off your hands.

And the guy sing. More Stories.


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