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Forgot your password? Another SB thread mentioned someone who uses craigslist to find sex.

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This hadn't occured to me! I sell furniture on there. I just took a look and was amazed at the of posts on craigslist from people looking for sex in our area The problem is that it's apparent most people are looking for something bawdy. I did a search with the word "swingers" and only one list came up from a month ago. This discovery is very entertaining to me. I'll probably start reading the "Casual Encounters" listings to get a laugh.

I did come across one ad from a service man plumber I think wanting to "service" someone during his work day.

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You've got to get a kick out of that. I do know single women who have used match. According to them, AFF tends to bring out married men and hard core pervs, and e-harmony gets people who are looking for marriage.


As the MR once said I don't sell my piano on dating sites and just don't see myself advertising in the shopper for playmates. We have never used it but know a few people that have. In our area, most of the on Craig's list from females are escorts trying to pick up business. One of our swinger friends that likes to primarily play with single guys has nearly destroyed one of our favorite swingers clubs with her ad. Before a party she intends to attend, she sometimes puts an open invitation on Craig's list for any single guys that want to meet her there.

As this club does not limit single guys and charges them the same admission as couples, the place has become overrun with single guys. So much so, that we have noticed less couples attending. I don't know what they can do about it, but I fear that something is needed before no couples attend any more at all. This particular club is old, smoky and run down and probably coudn't get 25 couples anyway, so maybe it's a wise decison from a business standpoint. This thread is hilarious to me, not because I've ever used Craigslist to find sex ew! Fuse about the possibility of an alternative sexual lifestyle for us.

I was looking to buy a used TV, which is a pretty standard use of Craigslist. I saw the link to "Casual Encounters" and thought, gee, this will be good for a chuckle. From there, I looked at the same link on the San Francisco site -- now THERE's some interesting reading -- and came across two guys looking to share a woman.

I thought being that woman, Mississippi craigslist for sex swing the middle of two guys, sounded pretty good, but of course I'd never get to do that in my life Then I told Mr. Fuse about some of the funnier I'd read And from there it went, and went, and went And there is me -- I don't ever remember even hearing about Craigslist.

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I mean ever. Is it kind of like an ebay place? Can you buy and sell sex on ebay? Phil would love that.

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But I've never been to ebay so I can't make a comparison. Check it out, if you have anything in your basement you want to get rid of you might want to sell it on craigslist. If not, you'll be entertained by the "Casual Encounters" section. The first thing that popped into my head after reading this thread is a doors song and then I took-a-look locally on craigslist and yup, confirmed Thanks for the good laugh.

As opposed to what we do for fun? Craigslist was started in San Francisco by a guy named Craig go figureit's similar to Ebay in that you can sell things or offer them for free on it, but Eba is more of an auction site although you can now sell things right out rather than auctioning them.

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Craigslist unlike Ebay is very localized. It started in N. CA and spread into major markets across the country, so if you are in a smaller area it's highly likely that Craigslist hasn't really hit your area yet.

Yes, I've sold a lot of stuff on Craigslist, even bought my son's car off of craigslist. For fun, I looked for swingers last night, but we must all be on SLS in my area. The only thing I could find is some guy's ad, over and over, who wanted to be invited to house parties and needed a female partner to get invites Thinking that might be the case, I googled it, and lo and behold, everyone around me has obviously heard of it and there is sex galore.

If you're looking for it, you could probably find it in this place. Do men ever use match. I would think match would not allow it, since they represent themselves as a conventional dating site. You know women who have done this.

You mean married women wanting to hotwife, or single women? I would think implementing that approach on match would be problematic. We enjoy looking at craigslist but just for fun, most of in our area are m4m and f escorts looking for business. WS posted her services for Tarot readings on Craigs List. The only responses she got were from pervs wondering what other "services" she offered and if those Tarot readings came with a "happy ending".

She won't even post a dog for sale on there anymore much look for an intimate encounter. Their don't actually say their looking for NS sex, I don't know if match will let them do that, and even it they did, they probaly wouldn't say it that way. They just say in so many words that they're not looking for marriage, or that they just want to meet some people to have fun with.

I think services like match. I did the match. I didn't post a picture for a long time because I didn't want work people to find me. I felt it was none-of-their b'ness. After a while, though, I got over it. Fun didn't have a pic, but I corresponded with him anyway he's high enough up on the totem pole that he REALLY didn't want to be found online.

We met for a blind date, and the rest is history I attempted to post an ad on match.

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Match stripped a lot of the language, and I didn't get any hits from it, either. But it was worth the experiment.

There was something in the news a few weeks ago that said that over one third of all first "dates" from internet dating sites ended in bed, which is more than most swingers I know. So I guess it's working for somebody, :lol:. Craigslist is mostly fake.

I've meet someone twice on there but I went through hundreds of fake and got a lot of spam in return.

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