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Use caution on BP massage provider via yolasite who advertises out to hotels only. Total head case and trust me, you don't want her at your hotel. Hi guys, I'm from Louisville Ky and here for two weeks. Anybody have any recomendations. Looking for extras if possible PM. Thank you in advance. Ok, if anyone has been wondering about this new place located at W Center Road, I've tried it so here are some details.

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I've been seeing on a local classified for this place in the past month and although I hadn't seen any reviews decided to check it out. I went in one day and it looked like most any other asian massage place. The lobby area had a desk and a sofa and I was greeted by an asian woman who spoke broken english they were all hard to understand and told her I was there for a massage. I was quickly taken to one of several rooms, equipped with the subdued lighting a single chair, shelf with oils, a clock and a massage table.

She left the room to let me get ready.

3 of 4 Chinese women facing prostitution charges told officers they lived at Pembroke Pines spas, police say

I noticed 2 paper s on the wall, one said "tipping is greatly appreciated" and the other said "leave underpants on for hygene". I pretended not to notice that and stripped down to my birthday suite. I figured that if I needed to leave my underwear on, they would say something but when "Tina" returned she just had me lay face down to start the massage. She was dressed in long pants and a smock and she did place a towel over my ass so I thought this wasn't looking like what I hoped for. I was right. She did a very good massage.

She eventually removed the towel and my ass did get a nice rub down as well but this was pretty much a straightforward massage. When she had me flip over, the towel was placed over my package and she rubbed me down everywhere but did not touch my dick.

I even went so far as to remove the towel and she didn't seem to have a problem with that and rubbed all around Mr. Happy but no touching was done, even when I asked her to. She must have repeated it about 7 or 8 times, motioning for me to call asking for her the next time. Long story short, I did call and ask for Tina about a week later. They told me she was not there and I could see a new girl. I never even got her name but it was the same as the first time. Good massage, asked for a happy ending.

This one said no but kept pointing to me. I figure she was trying to tell me if you want to be jerked off, you'll have to do it yourself. Not really into that so finished, tipped a minimal amount again and left. This place has all the look and feel of an asian massage place like others I've been to around the country, but without the happy ending or sex I've enjoyed almost everywhere else. Maybe since they are new they are being extra cautious so they won't get busted, but I won't be back. There are plenty of legitimate massage places in town. I was hoping for a real asian massage experience in Omaha.

No such luck. Very disappointing, all say they are on a 3 week rotation, was hoping for the real deal.

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Try sioux city. Just a hint. I'll report back later next week. Thanks a lot. I'm not sure that any parlors are open right now in Omaha.

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They had a big hit on all of them a while back. Best bet are independent providers offering rubs. There are some good ones in Omaha too so go scope them out!.


Does anyone have any info on this place? Looks interesting. Pm if you want. Forgot to post the link. If anyone has info on this place I'd be interested to know if it's legit. Went Once, no Mas. Have not seen any happy time at any of them maybe its just me. It is just you!

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Just kidding, you are spot on. It's sparse at best. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but you can't bank on it.

Des Moines police promise more attention

Haha massage is ha ha, as in, its a joke. Pro spa is just that. CB and 27th is very old. Thank goodness for Kansas! Keep me posted if you run into a goodin.

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I'm just here working and not even impressed with back. Have found anything mind blowing but would love info on anything good if someone is willing to give it.

Singles in Nebraska, USA

Hello fellow mongers. Going to be in the area next week looking for any info on a place that offers up something more than a CMT. I have been to a few places as have other players. In Omaha and CB, Iowa. If that.

Massage or reflexology parlors, often tied to the sex trafficking industry, have proliferated in the Des Moines metro. The city's police chief has vowed to do more to shut down und operators.

This area is NOT what one would normally expect in perhaps L. But again. Over in CB, Iowa. These women posting on Back. These gals are NOT worth your money. Same thing. The Asians have the technique locked up on doing massages! Each time I visit I've asked for the same person but get a different one each time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've only found a good time to be had out east. Anyone try the new ones in Omaha? When to the AMP on 96th bc it said cash only. Great Massage no xtras.

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I asked and she said I could DIY. Really good massage and got close to the joystick a few times. Happy Hunting. No clue what it's called.

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Didn't even ask for a tip but I gave her one. Real cute girl. Late 20's skinny.

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Wouldn't take her clothes off though. I'll go back. Didn't get the 20 something girl as reported, but did get an average massage with ending for rate quoted in the ad. Went by today. Passing through O and stopped back in. ZIP: 68112 68117 68118 68107 68104 68105 68108 68178 68164 68122 68127 68124 68022 68111 68110 68114 68116 68137 68135 68132 68144 68134 68131 68130 68102 68106 68152 68154 68101 68103 68109 68119 68139 68145 68172 68175 68176 68179 68180 68182 68183 68197 68198

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