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Craigslist, one of the most popular websites in the United States, is on track to increase its revenue 22 percent this year, largely from its controversial sex advertisements. That financial success is reviving scrutiny from law-enforcement officials who say the are still being used for illegal ends.

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Law-enforcement officials have been fighting a mostly losing battle to get Craigslist to rein in the sex. At the same time, officials of organizations that oppose human trafficking say the site remains the biggest online hub for selling women against their will.

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Last week, in the latest example, the FBI arrested 14 members of the Gambino crime family on charges of, among other things, selling the sexual services of girls ages 15 to 19 on Craigslist. The company that provided the revenue projection, the Advanced Interactive Media Group, has been preparing such analyses since Buckmaster was referring to alternative newspapers, phone directories and sex websites that carry for prostitution, although authorities say that Craigslist is the largest place for such .

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Craigslist, based in San Francisco, had seemed to put the conflict over its sex to rest. Attorneys general in 40 states, including New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut, investigated the company for facilitating criminal activity, after a wave of publicity about prostitution and violent crimes linked to the site. Although Craigslist has continually argued that it is legally protected by the Communications Decency Act against liability for what its users post — an analysis that judges and legal experts generally agree with — it promised last May to begin manually monitoring these posts for illegal activity.

But it also decided to stop committing to donate the profits from sex to charity, saying it would make no further comment on how that money would be used. He declined to say whether the company was continuing to donate revenue from sex to charity, but he said the company was continuing to develop its charitable initiatives.

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But little else is known about it, and Buckmaster declined to comment further on the organization or say whether say whether that was the money from the sex. Officials in Illinois and Connecticut, as well as South Carolina, are leading the effort to get the site to improve its monitoring of sex .

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The AIM Group, which sells research on the advertising market to newspapers and websites, conducts its annual Craigslist study by tabulating all the posts to Craigslist in 39 major U. Though the site is largely free, it does charge people to post job listings in 19 major U.

Revenue in those other remained largely unchanged since last year, according to AIM. The windfall from sex has touched a raw nerve with groups that oppose human trafficking, who are typically heated in their discussion of the company. But the company has repeatedly won rulings in cases brought against it, including one in over discriminatory housing .

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A federal appeals court said Craigslist was an online service provider, not a publisher, and so was protected by federal law. Questions about where that revenue is going are sure to arise from this latest financial analysis of Craigslist. Even if the s are slightly off, that leaves a lot of room for big profits.

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