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I find it totally unfair that any mis-step by a teacher lands itself on the frontregardless of whether or not the crime impacts his or her ability to teach children in a safe and effective manner. Soliciting sex from a prostitute belies desperation and loneliness, but who is the victim here? No one is being forced to do anything against their will.


We do our thing, I pay her, and we part ways, having been on the same the entire time regarding where our "relationship" stands. Situation 2: I cruise into a bar, find the most desperate looking chick there, roll up with a fake name and fake phonefeed her a bunch of crap and make her think I'm the man of her dreams, take her home, hump her sideways, then bail as soon as she falls asleep.

Of course I don't call her the next day or ever speak to her again.

Sluts near Tennessee, USA

Of course 2 is worse, right? I mean, is there even any question? But as disgusting as my hypothetical actions are, a logical and pragmatic person would never say that those actions should be illegal or that it's the government's place to stop me from doing such a thing.

It boils down to me being an immoral person whom God will judge in the end. So why is prostitution any different? And why are the teachers involved being singled out to have their lives ruined when all they are doing is looking for sex with a consenting ADULT?

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Please share any insight you may have. Why are they being singled out? Because that is what sells papers and gets people to tune in the local news. No one cares that Mr. XXXX the local degenerate went to the prostitute.

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Very sad, but very true. Mike in TN. I agree on all s. Although from what I hear, there are plenty of people looking for casual encounters for free on the same site. Anyway, a messed up situation all around.

Tennessee Sluts

Wild Style. I don't feel bad for them. Had they not been engaging in degenerate activities, they wouldn't be in this position right now.

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I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm hoping your user name doesn't imply you have a vested interest in this commercial enterprise The issue is, since prostitution is a criminal act I'm not arguing the pro or con of that, just stating a fact the world around prostitution tends to involve a variety of other activities and individuals one typically does not want the people who interact the closest with their children involving themselves with. Not to mention, studies are endless regarding the expansion of behaviors of persons with addictive personalities and their desires for increased excitement in their activities.

Yes, a large proportion of professional people who seek out prostitutes have addictive personality types. Some day you may have children and some of this may make since to you.

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Generally, it's nobody's business what consenting adults do. These guys decided to travel from their own upscale, "crime free" communities -- like Hendersonville and Franklin -- to create problems in someone else's neighborhood. It's like those well-to-do suburbanites who go to East Nashville to buy drugs. They get to go back home to their pristine towns while trashing someone else's.

That's my gripe. Keep it closer to home, boys, and stop adding to the problems of less privileged areas. Originally Posted by mad fiddler. Location: The Conterminous United States. Just a wild guess, but I bet there were not any prostitutes in their neighborhood. With the gas prices these days, I am sure they would prefer to stay closer to home.

Sluts near Tennessee, USA

I guess there must be no other crime in Nashville if they're going through the trouble of arresting a few horny guys and girls who are doing their business behind closed doors. If they were having sex in a public park, that would be different. But those of you who live in Nashville can breathe easier knowing that your police have nothing else to do than make sure that women aren't selling their bodies even if it's what they really want to do.

I honestly don't know why prostitution is illegal. I mean, if Fred pays for Wilma's dinner and they go back to his place for Craigslist Hendersonville sex action, there's nothing illegal about it. But if Fred gives Wilma cash instead of dinner, they can both be arrested. It makes no sense to me.

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There are 2 local girls in Hendersonville, North Carolina that want to meet you for casual sex now!

User Name. Remember Me. Advanced Search. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Search Forums Advanced. Location: Florida 2, posts, read 6, times Reputation: Advertisements 18 Men Charged in Craigslist Prostitution Sting broken link I actually feel bad for these poor chumps, especially the three teachers whose faces keep being plastered all over the news.

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Quote: Originally Posted by JMT I guess there must be no other crime in Nashville if they're going through the trouble of arresting a few horny guys and girls who are doing their business behind closed doors.

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