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Sluts in Utah, USA

Craigslist had a bad reputation here: scams, prostitution, illegal activity. Over the years it has continued to be the best site in Utah for selling.

Personals for Nsa in Utah

I think safety and the perception of it is a big part of it. People simply feel safer going to a site like KSL than Craigslist. Whether or not ksl.

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Why is KSL classified such a big deal in Utah? Mayor of Cougartown.

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Because hardly anyone uses Craigslist in Utah. Zach Morris.

Utah Sluts

If that's the case, it makes you wonder why Utah is the only place. It's because ksl existed prior. The real Q is why all these other markets needed. Not really. KSL started in Craigslist didn't enter the Utah market til.

Eight suspected prostitution-related classified recently censored by www.alltrendystuff.com

KSL benefitted from being first. No more, no less.


I think it's quite a bit more than that - see the Atlantic article below. It much made the same point as I: KSL got there first. It's only an outhouse in Utah because they were second to the market. Because it is a far better and still completely free platform than any of the alternatives. Full ofand slower to load. Its actually a good usable format unlike craigslist.

I cannot believe CL is. I feel that way about Drudge but apparently plenty don't.

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Also, no on CL. KSL polices the site for fraud for one thing. The Atlantic did a piece on how KSL owns the market.

Hedonic Threadmill. My BIL, who is a huge computer nerd, wrote just such a program. El Pasco. I use Alert Frog to do this.

–Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

How does this work? Text message?

Sluts in Utah, USA

This just seems shady lol Not sure why. I get an .

Sluts in Utah, USA

I've been using it for years with no issues. And they do it for free?

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