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Posted by: crissykays Date: March 09, PM. Swingers and such??? Hello all I am from the south and was reading where there are apparently a lot of swingers in the Utah and California area that are Mormons or maybe so called jack Mormons I don't know. I just read something regarding this subject this morning and it peaked my interest. I am not interested in this lifestyle but am quit shocked that there are actually people who profess to be such holy people on sunday then screw around with other people consensual or not during the week.

I just don't understand why they think its okay if they are truly TBM's if that is something they truly want to do I don't judge there decision although I think many times it causes a lot of problems in marriages in the end but please the cant really think is okay. I guess my question is do any of you know people who know others who indulge in such things? It seems such a strange thing to indulge in I guess.

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I know swingers and people with open marriages. As well as a few people who practice polyamory,but they're not really religious people in the Xtian sense. It does seem like the relationship works out better with older couples who are very stable in their relationship, but that may be a misperception on my part.

I can't imagine how a Mormon or an Xtian can justify this behaviour and still consider themselves to be a good, upstanding member of their religion. Self-delusion can be a powerful thing, tho'. Posted by: thegoodfight Date: March 10, AM. Re: I know swingers and people with open marriages. Not to sound like an a-hole but I always thought it was Xian? Have I been wrong. I thought the other t was redundant? I've read and wrote it as Xtian for well over a decade. Some people do, some people don't.

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Posted by: saucie Date: March 09, PM. Re: Swingers and such??? Where exactly did you read all this crissykays? I'd be interested to find out. I'm waiting for your answer crissykays. I'd also like to know aside from my original question about where did you read this regarding mormons and exmormons in Utah and California, I Would also like to know why you identified yourself as being from the south?

What does that have to do with the questions you were asking? I'm curious. Posted by: eunice Date: March 09, PM. I have never met a Mormon swinger, but I have come across several Christian couples who live the nonmonogamous lifestyle.

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My personal, experiential, nonscientific observation is that failed marriages of swingers has less to do with the sexual encounters and more to do with deficits in honesty and communication. Pretty much the same as traditional monogamous relationships.

As far as religious folks justifying behavior than doesn't conform to the standards of their faith, hypocrisy is a typical human trait. We like to think that our species is governed by reason, but we're really terrible at consistency. We're much more inclined to come up with some bullshit rationale for our behavior than to adjust it to conform with our professed ideology. Mormons swinging is fairly innocuous, because their consensual, adult sexual behavior is their own business.

Frankly, I'm much more concerned with the Mormon church working Utah craigslist for sex swing suppress people's sexuality than individual members expressing their own appetites in nontraditional ways. Posted by: matt Date: March 09, PM. Swingers are, apparently, why there was an upswing in the percentage of older people with STDs. This subject comes up a lot. The rumors are always that there's an active swingers group in Draper.

At the sex club, yo! Posted by: anon4this Date: March 09, PM. From people who only want to meet with friends who can take a joke or say something about a body part without running away screaming to voyuers to full on swappers. your likes and dislikes and be honest so everyone can enjoy. Pictures are welcome. Don't feel pressure to show your face, feel free to be creative.

We're all about being open here. The average ward has over people in it and at least wards share a building. Posted by: bradley Date: March 09, PM. It seems you have two questions: why are there so many, and why do think it's okay?

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It's actually pretty simple. Sexual repression usually in the repressed sexuality coming out as some kind of perversion. If you let nature run its course, there will be some fireworks while things get sorted out, but at least you don't cause a lifetime of perversion. Mormonism teaches its members that looking good is more important than being good.

It pays lip service to being good, but since actions speak louder than words, the message of appearances wins out.

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If you couple this with the twisted apologetics that excuses polygamy and Joseph's whore mongering, the perversion is easily justified. Mormon teaches that "It's all about you".

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In spite of the Christ centeredness, that's the message. Tell me that isn't twisted. But the Church of a narcissistic con man can be nothing else.


It creates people who are unable to either distinguish truth from lies or to act appropriately when they discover truth. The morality of swinging is another subject altogether.

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I really can't make a judgement on it because I haven't tried it. Have you?

What we have here is sexual innovation. It's kind of ironic that Mormonism and similar zealotry is responsible for driving the kinky edge of sexual evolution. Edited 2 time s. You're both correct. Sexuality doesn't end with wrinkles and arthritis. Unfortunately, no one thought to educate seniors about condom use to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs because people don't like to think of old people as sexual beings.

Posted by: cl2 Date: March 10, AM. I was going to just not comment. I've told this story before.

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I have NO reason to not believe the person who told me as I worked with him for years and knew him very well. He was a bishop in Cache Valley in the s. He told me they had to excommunicate quite a few couples who were swingers back then. There were also a few younger girls, late teens, early 20s, who had set up their own little brothel in a trailer.

Several men who were leaders got caught participating and were also excommunicated. Posted by: reuben Date: March 10, AM. We have x mormon swinger friends. We aren't swingers. They live behind the Zion curtain. They have a mormon couple that they "play" with regularly.

I didn't believe it, but then they told me about their tumblr. Sure enough, just as described was this chick getting banged in her garments from several dudes. Then, they are tumblr friends with a ton of LDS couples doing the same thing. I asked our friends WTF? They told me that mormons tend to swing within the faith. This couple was an exception, in that they played with our x mormon friends. The mormon woman in the photos was apparently a counselor in the RS presidency.

It does make you wonder. As a TBM I felt guilty over porn, so I can't imagine the mental gymnastics required to pull this off. ZIP:

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