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The top stories in Reston for the week of Oct. , including the Halloween sex offender safety map.

Got it! Search a title or topic. Aging With Attitude Podcasts. Download the App! Celebrating baby boomers fifty and better who are on the move and transforming the spirit and style of aging! A bit about your host:Terry has a Rags to Riches story himself: In brief, he grew up in a rough area with many disadvantages, failed in school and left early with no GCSEs and a bad attitude. Then got into sales age 19 and now age 30 has built multiple financial services businesses in the UK, turning over multi-millions each year, with a team of over people.

He also owns a real estate portfolio of worth over 4 million. He is also a family man with 2 children. Want a kid without the attitude?

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A kid with character who isn't a character? If you're tired of defiant attitudes and power struggles with our ankle-biters or the disrespectful hormone group, listen to this podcast for the simple principles to Have a New Kid. Leman with his ature wit and commonsense psychology reveals why your kids do what they do and what you can do about it! A funny but real description of what this "disorder" has given him and what it could give to you. Motivating and encouraging for those with or without ADHD Maybe they are right, and maybe we are too impulsive.

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Maybe we need an attitude adjustment. Listen to authentic, raw conversations and talks from Kino on her own and with real students about what yoga is really all about. Ignite or rekindle your inner spark to get on your mat and keep practicing. Living life well! Pop in your earbuds and listen in. Despite what most of us are led to believe, there is nothing mysterious or elusive about the female orgasm.


This is one of the many things you were probably never taught about sex, since you grew up in a society too afraid of it to have truly open dialogue on the subject. Ending the Sexual Dark Age will guide you, a step at a time, to the healthy attitude towards sexuality that you would have been taught in a genuinely civilized world. Stephen Cole and Mhairi Beveridge couldn't be further apart in age or attitude.

But every week, with the help of a few expert guests, they'll close the generation gap and investigate some of society's biggest questions. As a Trandsformation Life Coach I truly believe that working with a life coach helps to brings you the clarity, motivation, belief and ability you need to live your happiest, healthiest and most prosperous life.

As a Mindfulness Meditation Coach, I believe Living a Mindfulness lifestyle will help to increase your ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

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As well as help to focus your attention, as well as to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgme Hosted by journalist, comedian, and author Faith Salie and featuring expert insights from financial psychologists and others, MoneyMind sheds light on the inner workings, unique belief systems, strengths, and vulnerabilities of four financial behaviors: TheStructured Saver, The Avid Consumer, The Optimistic Avoider, and The Vigilant Stockpiler.

To learn more about your MoneyMin This podcast is about mindfulness. It is about being in the moment.

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It is about paying attention. It is about nonjudgmental attitude. It is about awareness. It is about making wiser decisions. I am talking about lessons I've learned on my Martial Arts and Yoga journey, and what I've learned practicing meditation. My episodes are inspired by lessons I got from World's greatest success and leadership teachers. Hosted by journalist, comedian, and author Faith Salie and featuring expert insights from financial psychologists and others, Wealth Wits sheds light on the inner workings, unique belief systems, strengths, and vulnerabilities of four financial behaviors: The Structured Saver, The Avid Consumer, The Optimistic Avoider, and The Vigilant Stockpiler.

To learn more about your fin The Fifteen Rugby Podcast co-hosted by Angus Savage and a new guest every episode, talking all things schools rugby and beyond. All with a light-hearted attitude and we'll happily get stuck into some of the big issues in school and age-grade rugby. If you've got a question, an opinion, or a topic that you want debated, then send us a Tweet or get in touch through Facebook, orif you're feeling old Have a laugh. Cringe, groan and raise a brow occasionally as we try to keep the wheels from falling off the show!

Talk about chemistry! A middle-aged Jew, a Scotsman, and an Indian guy - lifelong buddies who forgot to grow up - and a Carribean millennial girl with attitude. We laugh about our bizarre lives, the latest news, rumors and trends and annoy some Craigslist sex Falls Church VA unusual guests.

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From Brazil to the World! Coming from a musician family, he started to play drums and percussion from a very young age, with an unstoppable teenage music motivation inside of him, at the age of 12, he formed his first band behind the drum kit. In the present days, Rodrigo Tancredi has been a key player, performing in the UK and International club circuit for over four years across nightclubs, festivals, Ibiza gigs, pool parties and more Rock My Image, LLC is an Attraction Marketing Agency that empowers entrepreneurs and business owners with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive by leveraging their unique gifts, following their passion and serving their higher purpose.

Local Sluts near Virginia, USA

We work to provide elevated branding with a powerful message and marketing systems that produce. Our BOLD Vision is to empowerentrepreneurs to become Rockstar Professionals and have a thriving business that fuels their dreams. The Hello Careers podcast explores a system developed to align business needs with education and training. We are firm believers that you must screen for attitude and train for aptitude.

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For women who have been dieting most of their lives and are ready to lose the weight, permanently, naturally and without the obsession This is YOUR show. If you have questions of topic suggestions me: tanja ascendfitnesscoaching. Let's do this! Derrick Carter is widely acknowledged as one of the best DJs in the world. With innovative productions, flawless technical skills and an effortlessly joyful attitude of rocking a crowd, his influence has infiltrated throughout the spectrum of dance music. Although known as one of the key players of Chicago's house music wave in the '90s, Derrick Carter began DJ'ing at the age of nine, spinning disco records at family reunions.

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Raised in the western suburbs, Derrick was into music from a youn Dustin is an Integrity Music Artist, Song Writer and Worship leader, who has a desire to see the nations ignited with a passion for worship. With an unyielding love for God and His people, Dustin has been able to cross denominational lines with his music. He has an attitude that gives God all the glory, and that attitude transcends age, race, color and creed.

He has seen the joys an Are you Passing 50? When age 50 creeps up on us, we deny it, hide it, and do everything we can to ignore each birthday that comes after. But why? Welcome to the Ball Out Gamercast! We are just a couple of big time internet nerds who like video games and ignorant rap music.

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We enjoy long walks to the fridge and discussing life in the digital age - you know. If you're interested in hearing our opinions on week old gaming industry news, you shouldn't listen - that's not us. This whole thing is much weirder than that. Hosted by Thrizzle and YuckyChuckyPowe His childhood friend nicknamed him "Killa A" because of his attitude and no rule lifestyle.

Killa A began freestyling in the west side of San Jose's U Magic happens when people listen. I explore the many different ways we live our lives based on culture, tradition, experiences, influence, situations, geographic locations, and even if they don't align with my thought-process, there's something in there to learn.

And that's why I am always thinking and wondering.

Local Sluts near Virginia, USA

me! Hit www.

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Let's be the sea. Every week, Craig drops the knowledge to get you out of your funk, and to start living the legacy you know you were meant to live! Ever have a moment where you feel stuck and unable to live the life you know is possible for you? This podcast will bust right through that and leave you energized to move forward and live a life you love!

Craig has helped clients from all over the world create the abundant lives and businesses Get an insider's view of what the mainstream media won't be telling you.

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He delivers incisive content with humor, wit and smartness. He gives you an honest inside look that no one else is willing to do. I invite and encourage you to dream a dream that is everything you want out of life and once you have visualized that dream, I invite you to pursue it one day at a time and whatever you do, do it with passion. You'll find that there is more to success than adding dollars to your bank although that is a good thing but true success will be judged by how many people you have influenced to do the best they can, and in return, your rewards will be more than you planned for.

Your success Two young children arrive in a small frontier settlement on the wild and desolate plains of Nebraska, on the same day and by the same train. Jim Burden is a ten year old orphan from Virginia who has come to live with his grandparents, while Antonia Shimerda who's the same age as Jim, arrives with her large, immigrant family from Eastern Europe to try and eke out a living in the New World.

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