12 V Charger 12.6 v 18650 Lithium Battery Charger DC 5.5 * 2.1 MM

12 V Charger 12.6 v 18650 Lithium Battery Charger DC 5.5 * 2.1 MM

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With a new circuit boards and components are 100% burn-in test.

(With a precise constant current charging characteristics, charging the results are satisfactory, the battery will not overcharge)

Product basic parameters:

1. Input voltage: AC100-240V // 50 / 60Hz,

2. Output voltage: DC12.6V

3. Output Current: 1000MA

4. Plug: US regulations (can be customized all kinds of plugs)

5. line 1 meter long round wire, DC head: 5.5X2.1 tuning fork

6. Packing: OPPE individually wrapped bags

7. Single weight: 65G / 1PCS


1. Lithium batteries (lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries), the nominal voltage of the battery pack is 11.1V-12.6V, capacity range

1100 ~ 5500mAh. As 18650,18490,14650,14500,14430 and other battery packs,


With turn lamps function:


   1. When the charger to the mains when the light is green,

   2. When the battery pack when the light is red

   3. When the battery pack is fully self to turn green


Protective function:

   1. Input over-current protection

When the input current is within 0.1S greater than 1A, the charger will cut off the fuse, overcurrent protection will start off mains


The impact of the charger to avoid internal circuit abnormalities caused fires and other cited risk.

2. The output current protection

Li-ion battery charger for charging current is limited to a range of battery safely withstand. When the lithium battery is fully vented, filled


Appliance Repair will automatically enter the state, as policyholders battery, increasing battery life.

3. Short-circuit protection

  When the charger improper use, resulting in positive and negative output is connected to the charger output current is 200mA or less will be small enough to protect the charge

Electrical short-circuit the positive and negative output will not be damaged.

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