Ear Cleaning Endoscope 2 in1 USB HD Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm Mini Camera

Ear Cleaning Endoscope 2 in1 USB HD Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm Mini Camera

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Ear Cleaning Endoscope 2 in1 USB HD Visual Ear Spoon 5.5mm Mini Camera Android PC Ear pick Otoscope Borescope Tool Health Care
  • Item Type: Ear Care
  • Size: Small
  • Model Number: A11906
  • Material: As picture shows
  • Feature: USB Ear Endoscope
  • Features:
    With electronic micro-camera, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig earwax through the USB data cable.
    Ultra small lens with HD pixels, easy access ear canal and see more clearly.
    6pcs LED lamp brightness can be adjusted by dimmer button of the control box according to your need.
    Suitable for daily cleaning care, ear disease patients can also observe the ear canal.
    A essential tool for each family.
    Special focus, ultra small distance to see more clearly.
    Multifunctional, it not only can check the ear canal, but also can check the eardrum, mouth, gums, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair root and other body parts.
    Ear pick is longer, thinner and easier to use.

    Can access mobile phone with external camera function.

    Friends, if you encounter software can not be downloaded, please try to add the software file name suffix      .Apk     ;    You can also feel free to contact us for help  

    Connecting: For Windows PC, for android system with OTG function

    Color: black
    Lens: 5.5mm
    Pixel: 0.3MP

    Resolution: 640*480

    Viewing angle: 70°
    Focus distance: 1.4-2cm
    Material: plastic, metal
    Pen length: about 15cm
    Package size:20x10x2.8cm

    Picture format: JPEG

    Video format: AVI

    Support system: Android 4.2and above /windows/Mac

    Cable Length: 2m
    Package included:
    1 x Pen Camera
    1 x Ear Spoon
    1 x Protective Sleeve

    1 x Camera Protective Cover

    1 x Annular Ear Picks

    1x Cleaning Cloth

    1x Oral Mirror

    1 x Manual

    1 x Carrying Case

  • 【Easy & Quick Home Ear Exam】 As your ears are itchy or swelling, Different adapters in size accommodate brief ear exams
    for adults to find the reason for the scratchy symptom.
    【Convertible Connection Design, Working with Android Devices, Windows & MAC PC】 The otoscope can be compatible with Android 4.5+ devices,
    Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS10.6+ PC, but not work with iPhone or iPad, and you can see the situation in your ear,
    clearly displayed on your smart phone, tablet or your computer.
    Then, the ear wax or ear mite can be cleaned more completely and safely with this guidance.
    【6-Level Adjustable LED Brightness Optimizing the Image& Video】 Tympanic membrane check will certainly contain darkness
    and the light will be necessary. Adjusting LED light,the Depstech otoscope user can obtain real image and live video from close observation.
    【2m Length Multiplying the Applications】Not only do your ears will stocking the wax and mite, but your dogs, cats as well.
    The cable will be conducive to examining theirs to protect your pairing devices from their carelessly tantalizing action at some distance.
    Type: Visual Ear Cleaner
    Color: Blue
    Material: Metal + Plastic
    pixel:1.3 million
    resolution: 720*640
    Camera diameter:5.5mm
    Light:6 Leds
    Brightness: Adjustable
    Interface: Type-C, Android, USB              
    Camera focal length:1.4cm-2cm                
    viewing angle:54°
    Camera Length: 15cm (Approx.)
    Cable Length: 2m                   
    picture format:JPEG                       
    video format:AVI
    support system:Android 4.2 and above/widows/mac
    Package Included:
    4x Protective Sleeve
    4x Earpicks
    4x Sticky Stick
    4x Cotton Swab
    1x Cleaning Cloth
    1.Please make sure your  phone can  support  OTG   functionality  and also compatible with  the UVC ( USB video device class) before you buy it .because some of the phone can shielded external camera.
    (most of recently version of android device have this function,if you not sure it can suit ,please confirm it first before  you buy it )
    2. The medical endoscope is a near focal length product, when take picture too close or too far can be very vague,  the best focal length is about : 1.5 cm .The farther away from the observation, the lower the clarity of the image



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