Natural Sandalwood & White Copper Mala Bead Bracelet

Natural Sandalwood & White Copper Mala Bead Bracelet

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Tibetan Buddhist Handmade White Copper Mantra Sign Charm Natural Sanders Wood Mala Beads Bracelet Unisex Christmas Gift.

According to Tibetan culture, it is said that all the teachings of Buddha are contained in the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, and that to know the phrase is to know enlightenmentSupposedly, contained in this verse is the truth of the nature of suffering and how to remove its root cause. 

  • Charm Material: Premium Grade White Copper
  • Clasp Type: Lace-up & knot.
  • Material of bracelet: Natural Red Sandalwood
  • FREE Shipping Worldwide!

Red Sandalwood is an exotic natural wood that's believed to absorb nuclear radiation. Sandalwood scent is believed by some to transform one's desires and maintain a person's alertness while in meditation. It is also one of the most popular scents used when offering incense to Buddha and the guru.

  • Om (ohm)- Om is the sound or “vibration” of the universe. This sound is the most important of all; but in the context of chanting and mantras, it is meant destroy attachments to ego and establish generosity.
  • Ma (mah)- Removes the attachment to jealousy and establishes ethics.
  • Ni (nee)- Removes the attachment to desire and establishes patience.
  • Pad (pahd)- Removes the attachment to prejudice and establishes perseverance.
  • Me (meh)- Removes the attachment to possessiveness and establishes concentration.
  • Hum (hum)- Removes the attachment to hatred and establishes wisdom.


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